World’s Largest selling mosquito net brand

Phifer is the only brand in India to have multiple fitment options in mosquito net like,

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Advantages of Phifer Mosquito Net fitments

  • Imported American product at Indian budgets.
  • A true solution provider to protect your family from mosquitoes.
  • An Engineered product from a technologically superior American company.
  • Invisible mosquito net – See the scene, not the screen.
  • The mosquito net frames are of high quality T6 virgin aluminum.
  • Fitment options that adds to the aesthetics of your interiors.
  • Durable fitment systems that lasts really long
  • Sq.ft pricing that includes installation also
Advantages of Phifer Mosquito meshes

  • Phifer meshes are barely visible from 4ft away.
  • Even after multiple washes over years, fibre-glass mesh retains its physical properties.
  • Pre-treated to extreme temperatures, so they don’t respond to climate changes.
  • Dual purpose SOLAR-SCREENS to block UV rays and mosquitoes.
  • Specialty PET-MESH for doors to withstand heavy pets from damaging the door mesh.
  • Durable aluminum mesh in Charcoal Black, Aluminum & Black powder coated finishes.
  • Phifer’s flagship Stainless Steel mesh in 304 grade, black powder coated.
  • Bronze mesh– 90% copper & 10% zinc alloy mesh to withstand sea breeze corrosion.

QualitiesPhifer Mosquito NetsUnbranded / Chinese Mosquito Nets

Features Phifer Mosquito Net Chinese/unbranded Mosquito Net
100% Lead Free Certified to be 100% Lead Free Contains Lead – hazardous and banned substance
Antibacterial Microban Certified for antibacterial properties Bacteria & Fungus grow on them
Fire Retardant Fire Retardant certified – does not burn Easily catches fire and spreads
Indoor air quality Greenguard certified – does not emit green gases Emits hazardous gases – threat to children, pregnant women & elders
ECO Friendliness 100% Recyclable Non-recyclable & pollutes
ISO Certified ISO 9001 – 2008 certified Not Certified
Customer Support Dedicated sales & after sales support No Support
Presence Showrooms across India Small time players
Fabrication Centralised state of the art factory Small time local assemblers
Installation Professionally trained technicians Part-time/ten plus one job installers
Marketing Personnel Professionally trained with technical product knowledge Quacks, not even aware of what they deal with
Professional Attitude Approach customers as a solution provider Approach customers from price / affordability point of view
Brand Value 62 year old World’s largest selling, highest quality brand No known brand and poor quality nets with shorter life span


In a market segment where the vendors see the customers from only price point of view, Phifer is the only brand that poses itself as a solution provider to the customers. We identify the requirements of the customer based on budget, aesthetics, functionality, utility and from longevity point of view and make suggestions on fitment options accordingly to suit the customers need. A combination of professionally trained marketers, fabricating technicians, installation technicians & customer support personnel deliver a world class product and experience.

Phifer is also the only brand to have various types of net options like fibre glass nets, aluminium nets, stainless steel nets(SS nets), bronze nets, solar screens & pet meshes. These net options could be used on window type mosquito screens, roll-up mosquito screens, sliding mosquito screens, pleated mosquito screens, door type mosquito screens and Mosquito Net for Windowsbarrier free mosquito screens. We don’t have any ready made mosquito fitment systems and all fitment options are fabricated and customized as per the customers windows and door sizes. Phifer’s mosquito screen fitment options are the only product in the market possessing quality certificates for being 100% lead free, fire retardant, Microban certified(Doesn’t allow microbial/bacterial growth on the screen), Greenguard certified(assures Indoor air quality) & for being an Eco friendly product!

All Phifer products are finished to strict QC procedures and are well packed and sent to the respective showrooms in cities across India. No doubt such high quality assurance comes from the world’s largest selling brand that’s imported and retailed to match Indian budgets. With a very professional team of marketers &  technicians to take care of mosquito proofing your house, Phifer is also the only brand to have a dedicated customer support center (081 9000 4000) to answer all your doubts and assure our support for any service calls for many years. We are so confident that our high quality products will last really long, protecting your family.

About Phifer

phifer-mosquito-net-doorsPHIFER is the world’s largest manufacturer of mosquito net with presence in more than 120 countries as the segment leader. Now Phifer is available throughout India with exclusive mosquito net showrooms offering various mosquito net fitment options for doors and windows.

Why Phifer?

  • A 62 year old trust worthy American brand.
  • Market leader in the mosquito screen industry in more than 120 countries.
  • Phifer is the only brand in India who is a manufacturer, importer, fabricator and installer of mosquito screen systems.
  • Phifer is the only brand with multiple mosquito mesh options that addresses all kind of requirements.
  • The only brand to offer eight different type of mosquito net fitments for windows and doors.
  • In the mosquito net segment, Phifer is the only brand with a dedicated customer support service.
  • Bronze mesh– 90% copper & 10% zinc alloy mesh to withstand sea breeze corrosion.
 The Phifer Story

In 1952 J. Reese Phifer established Phifer Incorporated in Tuscaloosa, Ala. (USA) as a weaver of aluminum insect screening. Today, the company is the world’s largest producer of aluminum and fiberglass insect screening products. When Phifer began production in 1952, the two main goals were to excel in quality and in service. Phifer has kept this commitment to our customers for more than six decades and remains dedicated to continue to provide quality products and service for years to come.

Why choose Phifer ?

Phifer’s continuous commitment to deliver the highest quality products has made us the World’s largest manufacturer & innovator in this segment. Our product development team utilizes a marketing driven approach with a keen ear to the needs and requirements of our customers and the markets in which our products are used.  We focus on technology driven opportunities that offer a good fit toward the guiding principles of our company and with our distinct core competencies.  

 Phifer’s Quality Certifications.

  • Greenguard
  • Microban
  • Lead Free
  • Flame Retardant
  • Energy Saving
  • 100% recyclable
  • Preserves interior surfaces and materials
  • ISO 9001 – 2008 certified


Phifer launches many products from Industrial segments to consumer sectors. Phifer is the worlds largest manufacturer of mosquito screens, solar screens, balcony covers and several industrial application fabrics. Phifer’s fabric is the only fabric which holds microban certificate.


Phifer Mosquito Nets

See the view not the screen

Phifer consumer products make it easy to enjoy the outdoors from inside. The world’s largest screening producer, Phifer offers a wide variety of mosquito net for windows and insect screens and exterior solar screens to help keep out mosquitoes, bugs and solar heat while preserving the view. Interior sun control fabrics help reduce solar heat and create soft, usable indoor light.


Phifer Roll-up Blinds

Cuts the heat wave completely

Natural light can enhance the function of any room with proper sun management. Phifer’s SheerWeave fabrics are designed to provide high performing solutions to the sun’s harsh rays. Our broad range of sun control fabrics reduce solar heat gain, protect against damaging UV and improve the comfort of any interior space like home, office, business, hospitality, healthcare, education etc.,


Phifer Balcony Covers


Phifer Balcony Shades are ideal for your balconies. There are several advantages of Phifer Balcony Shades over traditional bamboo-based or PVC balcony shades. Phifer Balcony shades are made of superior range of strong vinyl-coated polyester which is designed to cut off up to 80% heat and 95% UV Radiation. For more information please visit

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New No: AD 13, Old No:AD 83
3rd floor, 5th Avenue
Shanthi Colony
Anna Nagar, Chennai
Tamil Nadu - 600 040 (India)

Support Number - 081 9000 4000


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I'm happy I chose the best brand in mosquito nets. Phifer's quality surpassed my expectations and fitment was done in a very professional manner. I will recommed them.Mythili Sivaraman - House Wife, Chennai
I landed on Phifer's website when looking for mosquito nets for my windows. Their expert advice on choosing the mesh and fitment options help me install various types of fitments in my house within my budget.Rakesh Patel - Business Man, Ahmedabad
I didn't know so many quality parameters exist in mosquito screens until I came across Phifer. I'm happy I'm now protecting my family from mosquitoes with the best brand in the World and the best in quality.Jitender Singh - Software Professional, Mumbai
Phifer was recommended by a neighbour who already installed at his home. I was surprised to see they have so many mosquito net fitment options for doors and windows and they are aesthetically too good.Rengarajan - Business Man, Bangalore

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