Mosquito Screens

High Definition outward visibility, superior airflow and protection from mosquitoes


Balcony Screens

World class screens for outstanding protection from sun and day time privacy


Roller Blinds

Excellent solution for glass windows in commercial buildings.


Phifer Incorporated is a leader in the insect screen, solar control fabrics, drawn wire, engineered products and designed fabrics industries. As the world’s largest producer of aluminum and fiberglass insect screening, Phifer has capitalized on its wire drawing and textile weaving expertise to flourish in these and other related markets. Our products keep pace with technological innovations and design trends, and our workforce reflects the diversity, international versatility and customer service commitment expected in today’s marketplace.

Phifer India, established in 2008 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu is a 100% owned subsidiary of Phifer incorporated. It is a monopoly brand in India that provides end to end insect screen solutions. Phifer India focus on three main products: Mosquito Screens, Balcony Screens and Roller Blinds.

Our Products

Mosquito screens

The Phifer screens are meticulously designed to emphasize a clearer view, “High Definition” – type outward view while offering potent and proven protection from annoying, aggravating, and often deadly disease-carrying insects and pests.

Balcony Screens

Phifer’s Balcozy offers the World’s best-selling balcony screens that add aesthetics to the exteriors while serving as an absolute design element for the interiors. The products ensure great value for money and involves zero maintenance. The products can be operated both manually and automatically. Adding to all this, Balcozy screens solves diverse problems due to its versatility.

Roller blinds

Phifer Roller blinds offer a wide range of styles, multiple patterns, colour options, and 0% to 25% openness. Unique colors, patterns, logos, and graphics can be printed on the fabric using the digital and screen printing method. Phifer is the only brand to provide 10 years warranty for interior application and 5 years warranty for exterior application.



Lifetime protection from bacteria and fungus

Green Guard Gold

No harmful odour and emissions into the living space

Lead Free

No lead is been used in any of the Phifer screens

Flame retardant

Phifer screens are flame retardant and does not spread the fire

Energy Saving

Ample sunlight and excellent airflow cuts down electricity bill


Tailor-made solution to fit various types of windows, doors & patios perfectly
Quality commitment
Multiple options in fitment systems
High Durability & longevity
Aesthetically finished fitments add to the décor
Excellent and reliable after-sales support


Our Client’s View

I always thought Mosquito nets are cheap products and would spoil the aesthetics of my interiors. But when i visited my uncle’s house fitted with Phifer’s Mosquito net systems, I saw how wrong I was. And Iam a happy Phifer customer now!

Sanoop Nair

I was very concerned that a Mosquito net on my beautiful windows will spoil its looks untill I saw Phifer’s fitments at one of their showrooms. Their technician suggested me various fitments options and mesh types for different window & door types at my home that also reduced the overall cost. They are true solution providers.

Priya Chandrasekaran

I shifted my house twice and both the times, the Phifer’s Mosquito net fitment systems were reusable without any damage. I am happy with their structural rigidity and longevity.

Sanjay Singh

Phifer was recommended by a neighbor and I personally checked all their available fitment options and meshes. Amazed at the fit & finish and how good they look on my windows.

Shanmuga Sundaram